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Individually Managed Accounts

Effectively manage investment portfolios tailored to individual clients.

Rebalancing & Allocation

Choose or create rebalancing and allocation methodology that work best for your
investment strategy.

Trade Optimisation

Sequence trade execution to optimise client outcomes.

Advisory or Discretionary

Choose which interaction model is best for each client and, when discretionary, the
management of clients approvals is automated.


We monitor compliance to strategy for you.

Straight Through Execution

Execute trade automatically with our select low cost brokers.

Personalised Tax Management

Select best tax management for each investment portfolio.

Legal Structures

Implement your strategies across multiple legal entity types (Individuals, Companies,
Trusts, SMSFs, Retail Super).

Investment Options

Build portfolios using listed shares, ETFs, mFunds, XTBs, term deposits, cash,
managed funds.

Direct Ownership

All assets are held in the name of your client, with individual HIN for ASX listed

Your Brand

White label our service with your logo and colours.

Low Cost

Significantly Reduce investment cost for your clients.

Technology solutions that help advisers deliver delightful personalised portfolio propositions to their clients.

Complementary Services

We have partnered with leading suppliers to provide you with value complementary services

Investment Advisory

Provide you recommendations so you can construct portfolios for your clients.
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MDA licence

Advise and operate MDA as a Corporate Authorised Representative.
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SMSF Setup

Set up a new SMSF in less than 15 min, including ABN & TFN application.
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SMSF Administration

Organise annual SMSF administration
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Security experts

We have dedicated teams of security experts monitoring threats and regularly testing all our services to ensure they remain safe and secure. Our teams also work closely with law enforcement agencies to protect our customers.

Lockouts and timeouts

If someone tries to guess your Investum password, your account will be temporarily locked after a number of unsuccessful attempts. Also, if you stop using Investum and haven’t logged out, we'll log you out.


All data sent and received from your computer to our secure systems is encrypted using 256bit SSL encryption technology to ensure confidentiality.

Independent audits

We also work closely with independent consultants to verify the security of our systems including reviews of system architecture, firewall configurations, network device security and web application security.

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