Active financial advisers' preferred managed accounts administration software

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We focus on creating the best investment technology so you can focus on your clients

Portfolio Rebalancing

Design tailored strategies and rebalance all portfolios in 1-click.

Trades Execution

Execute investment strategies seamlessly with your broker

Performance Reporting

Access detailed reporting on  investment portfolios’ performance

Corporate Actions

Manage corporate actions across your portfolios

Investum’ managed account solutions combines the best of investment advice expertise and technological innovation.

Increase you business efficiency and profitability

More and more is required from you and your team. But appropriate technology solutions can help you make your business significantly more efficient allowing you and your staff to focus on what is important to your clients, their experience and their outcomes. Our technology can revolutionise your business’ investment operation by removing manual processes and costly errors.

Provide your clients with greater control and transparency

Clients increasingly expect more from their financial advisers. They want transparency, they want control and above all they want tailored advice targeted specifically at their specific needs. Using managed accounts and our proprietary technology, your clients are in control. They have real-time visibility of their holdings and their tax position and can oversee investment decisions.

Differentiate your offering from your competitors

You provide you clients with the best possible advice carefully personalised to their specific objectives. You want your recommended  investment solutions to match each of your clients circumstances. Our managed accounts technology enables you to genuinely differentiate your proposition by easily implementing investment strategies unique to each client.

Account Protection – Secure and Encrypted

Investum uses the latest security measures when handling your information. Your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored.

Features Rich – Low Cost

Target Portfolio Rebalancing

Easily manage individualised target portfolios for each your clients

Discretionary Accounts

Easily keep clients informed of your decisions and investment performance

Straight Through Execution

Execute recommended trade instructions automatically with our linked brokers

Optimised Trade Execution

Ensure your trades deliver optimal performance to your clients

Advised Accounts

Easily manage clients’ approvals, communications and compliance

Tax Management & Reporting

Auto-optimise tax and access detailed CGT and corporate actions reporting

Low Fixed Price

No bad surprises, we charge a low flat fee per client account (only $20/m + gst)


Market leading strategy monitoring, and compliance and audit management

Custom Branding

Website and communications to clients are branded to your business

Future proof your business