Individually Managed Accounts

An individually managed account is an investment portfolio tailored and managed by an investment manager to the investment objectives of one or more investors. Even though an investment manager’s overall investment approach is often the same for all investors, each investor’s individually managed account will differ based on the investor’s underlying risk, growth and income objectives, as well as a range of other factors such as

  • established date
  • opening balance
  • existing assets transfer in
  • cash flow history
  • investor specific requirements (for example asset exclusion or ESG requirements).

Individually managed accounts may include listed equities, income securities, managed funds, property or cash.

Individually vs Separately Managed Accounts

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) differ to IMA in that all investors in an SMA have the same asset mix. As previously highlighted, in a IMA, all investors have different asset mix depending on when they were established, opening balances, assets transferred in, cash flow history, and investor specific requirements. With an SMA, all investors have exactly the same investment portfolio.