Key Features

Investment strategies

Investment strategies determine the parameters of your clients’ investment portfolios. An investment strategy will include your recommended asset class allocation, assets to buy or sell, allocation parameters and much more. As many strategies as needed can be used, depending on clients’ risk profiles, growth vs income, etc…

Client investment parameters

Each investment portfolio can be tailored to each clients profile and objectives. You can easily set investment parameters for each portfolio to, for example, include or exclude assets or asset types, ESG exposures such as fossil fuels and gambling, allocations and more…

Target portfolio and rebalancing

Automatically rebalance one, many or all your clients’ portfolios in 1-click, chose to review or not the portfolios before they are implemented. For your advisory clients, automatically generate a record of advice, communicate your recommendations to your clients and manage approvals. No more manual creation of RoA, copy-paste in emails or email response tracking and monitoring.

Design your own algorithm

Design your algorithm to rebalance and execute your strategies or choose from our existing library. Our team can also help you improve your algorithm based on our extensive data-driven research.

Choose your execution broker or wrap

Choose to execute from our extensive range of broker and wrap platforms, or migrate your clients to our linked brokers to benefit from additional efficiencies and lower cost.

Automated execution

Set execution strategies for each client and automatically implement them. Choose to implement when you rebalance portfolios or optimise the trades to market conditions and asset prices variations. For your advisory clients, automatically communicate your recommendations to your clients and manage approvals. With our select brokers, automatically place and manage the trades on the market. No more manual placement and purge monitoring.

Discretionary or Advisory

Easily implement your strategies with or without your clients making the final investment decisions. Investum enables you to run your advised only accounts as easily managed discretionary accounts (MDA) accounts with our proprietary approval workflow.

MDA compliance reporting

Automatically generate the required reports under ASIC Regulatory Guide 179: Income, Transactions, Cash and Performance and easily monitor investment strategy compliance.

Performance reporting

Report performance accurately across multiple portfolios and provide your clients with detailed information on the drivers of performance and your risk mitigation strategies.

Customise Investum

We own the technology and we are able to customise the system in any way that would help your business succeed. So please let us know how we can better help you and your clients and we will do all we can too make it happen.

Tax tracking & reporting

Choose the ideal parcel selection method for each of your client and accurately report on realised and unrealised capital gains or losses, taking into account eventual discounts. Track income, interest and capital returns.


Brand the service to your business by enabling your logo and color but also by customising the record of advice to you licencing requirements. In addition, all communication to your clients will be in you name.

Low cost flexible solution

Run your practice efficiently without sacrificing the quality of your advice. Investum enables you to use your own brand, to manage your clients’ assets seamlessly across multiple legal structures and easily set your clients’ investment universe.

Corporate actions

Easily manage corporate actions and their impact on your clients’ portfolios. Use our workflow to recommend to your clients and process their decisions in bulk.