Managed Account Platform

Our Managed Account technology automates the management of tailored portfolios and integrate with your chosen execution partners to reduce your and your clients’ administration costs.

Set Investment Strategies

Set tailored investment strategies for each of your clients, based on your investment philosophies and their specific objectives and circumstances.

Allocate to Assets

Allocate clients’ capital to assets based on their tailored investment strategy. Allocate across asset types and classes.

Recommend Transaction

Recommend asset purchase, sale and corporate actions. Automatically calculate parameters for placements, amendments and cancellations of limit, market-to-limit and conditional orders. Take into account cost averaging strategies.

Produce Record of Advice

Automatically produce and distribute a record of advice compliant with your license requirements that include your recommendations and compliance information such as advice fees, transaction fees and cost ratios.

Get Client Authority

Under advisory client arrangement, automatically send approval request for record of advice and transactions. Keep an audit trail of all communication and approvals.

Generate Reports

Produce reports about your clients’ recommendations, holdings, asset transactions, cash transactions, and capital gain tax liabilities.

Execute Transactions

Place, amend and cancel orders automatically when your execution provider is integrated with Investum. Reduce your order management workload.

Listed and Unlisted Assets

Include any asset types and classes in your portfolios. Include clients’ existing assets in your recommendations.

Data Feeds

Your client’s holdings information and transactions are automatically updated from banks, ASX brokers, bonds provider and managed funds.

Custom Branding

Include your brand identity to your portal, record of advice and client communications.


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